Environmental Construction

Water Rock Construction

Under the wholly owned subsidiary Water Rock Construction, we have the capability to turnkey the assessment of contaminated property from characterization to cleanup.  Because we are an environmental construction company, we understand the nuances of environmental cleanup. Our construction supervisors, foreman operators and laborers are all trained and certified to perform environmental cleanup safely and efficiently.  

Our environmental construction experience includes:  

  • Implementing environmental remediation projects, including tank removal, hazardous waste excavation, transport, and disposal
  • Merging site remediation with civil site work, including grading, underground, and concrete
  • Soil stabilization
  • Levee maintenance projects, including riprap installation  
  • Dredging and mucking out of lagoons and industrial ponds  
  • Large culvert and retaining wall installation
  • Creek and wetland restoration  
  • Facility demolition

Benefits of Using Our Construction Services

Construction contractors that lack experience with environmental sites can make simple mistakes that add huge costs.  For example, inexperienced contractors may fail to segregate the clean dirt from contaminated dirt and significantly increase the amount of soil off-haul.  Also, clients need to be aware that sometimes construction contractors can be motivated to create more off-haul material in order to make a larger profit.  Our construction company always works closely with the environmental field representative to avoid these potentially costly mistakes and prioritize our client’s interests.