Steve Michelson, CEO, Principal Geologist

Steve brings over 25 years of experience applying technical, economic, and regulatory analysis to the management and closure of environmental liabilities. Steve’s areas of expertise include assessing natural resource damages, hydrogeologic conditions, contaminant sources, extent, transport, and fate, and groundwater/surface water interactions at inland and coastal aquifers. His experience includes successfully implementing multi-disciplinary strategies designed to characterize and resolve complex environmental liabilities.

Licenses, Certificates and Education
  • California Professional Geologist License # 5165
  • Lehigh University: B.S. Geology and B.S. Civil Engineering
  • 40hr HAZWOPPER Training

Kendall Price, CEG, REA - Principal Consultant/Regional Manager, Leader of Real Estate Development Support Group

Mr. Price has more than 40 years of professional experience and is licensed in California and Oregon. He establishes technical criteria, provides technical guidance, and directs the activities of large project teams related to commercial, industrial, and residential development as well as landfills and earth dam investigations including fault and landslide investigations. Mr. Price is responsible for preparing project authorizations, establishing budget costs and schedules for each project, and project reporting in conjunction with project geotechnical engineers. Mr. Price also works with developers and their lenders to evaluate the environmental quality of redevelopment projects for higher better use.

Licenses, Certificates, and Education
  • Registered Geologist, CA, # 3787; Certified Engineering Geologist, CA, #1188
  • Registered Environmental Assessor, CA, No. 456
  • San Jose State University; B.S. Geology
  • Qualified Stormwater Practioner (QSP)

Tyson Fulmer, PG – Senior Geologist and Project Manager, Leader of Field Services Group

Tyson has over 15 years of experience analyzing and presenting complex geologic, hydrogeologic, and environmental data.  Since joining AWR Tyson has assumed the lead field management role for the implementation of multiple Phase II investigations to investigate RECs identified in a Phase I ESA.  Tyson has also supervised the field implementation of large scale remedial actions employing varying cleanup technologies.  Tyson has an intimate knowledge of field sampling equipment that can be used to generate representative data, speed up the field characterization, reduce laboratory analytical costs, and cut down on costly field mobilizations.  Tyson has experience working as an environmental professional in both the public and private sectors.

Licenses, Certificates, and Education
  • Professional Geologist License # 9062
  • University of California, Santa Cruz; B.S. Earth Sciences, B.A.  Environmental Studies
  • 40 hr HAZWOPPER Training

Daniel O. Holmes, M.A., M.L.I.S. – Senior Geographer and Research Librarian, Leader of Applied Information Group

Mr. Holmes has substantial experience with environmental analysis, site histories, archival and library research, database and GIS design and management, permitting, and library management and planning. He brings a diversity of experience in hydrology, water resources, geomorphology, land use planning, ecology, and historical geography. He has performed many literature and archive research projects, with emphasis on interpreting aerial photographs, public records research, and developing digital and web-based libraries. Mr. Holmes has an M.A. in Geography and an M.L.I.S in Library & Information Studies from the University of California at Berkeley.

Licenses, Certificates, and Education
  • University of California, Berkeley; M.A. Geography
  • University of California, Berkeley; M.L.I.S. Library & Information Studies.
  • University of California Berkeley; B.S. Conservation of Natural Resources

Janelle Amendola – Project Engineer and Phase I Team Leader

Janelle has more than 15 years of diverse environmental and engineering consulting experience. Janelle’s areas of expertise include environmental regulatory compliance, stormwater pollution prevention planning, and sampling, hazardous materials compliance, air emissions permitting, underground storage tank removals, NEPA and state-equivalent programs, industrial wastewater permitting, NPDES permits, hazardous materials business plans, environmental due diligence, and property condition assessments.  Janelle has worked closely with the technical lead to produce Phase I and follow-up Phase II ESAs for multiple sites seeking to develop their properties.

Licenses, Certificates, and Education
  • Professional Engineer, MN 41645
  • Registered Environmental Assessor, CA, No. 07647
  • University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology, BSCE
  • 40hr HAZWOPER training

Robert R. Northup – Senior Biogeochemist - Leads Geochemistry Group

Dr. Northup applies solid technical analysis of soil chemistry and its effects on biological receptors.  His research extends throughout the United States and covers a wide variety of natural and contaminated acidic and alkaline soils.  Dr. Northup has been instrumental in pioneering research addressing nitrogen cycling, organic acids, chelating mechanisms, and soil nutrient chemistry.  He has authored and co-authored articles published in the journals Nature and Biogeochemistry and has identified significant environmental chemistry issues, such as geologic nitrogen as the primary source of “pollution” causing eutrophication in the Mokelumne River.  Robert also has extensive experience in characterizing the environmental geochemistry of soil, river sediment, and groundwater.

Licenses, Certificates, and Education
  • University of California, Davis; Ph.D. Soil Science
  • University of California, Berkeley; M.S. Soil Science
  • University of California, Santa Cruz; B.A

Yola Bayram - Project Geologist and Field Services Team Lead

Yola Bayram has over 10 years of experience performing Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) involving various contaminants of concern (soil, groundwater, and surface waters), including petroleum products, dry-cleaning solvents, metals, etc.  Yola has supervised subcontracted drilling personnel with the installation of soil borings, monitor wells, and vapor extraction wells using auger, direct push, and mud rotary drilling techniques. Yola has substantial experience in planning, reporting, conducting, and managing subsurface investigations and remedial excavations. In the office, Yola assists with the compilation and interpretation of chemical and geological data and preparation of documents related to the scope of work, site characterization, and feasibility studies.

Licenses, Certificates, and Education
  • University of Michigan, Dearborn; B.S. Environmental Science
  • University of Michigan, Dearborn; B.S. Environmental Studies
  • 40hr HAZWOPER training

Cheryl Cary - Staff Geologist and Cartographer, Director of GIS Services

Cheryl provides significant database management, GIS, and CAD services to all of our clients.  Her background in GIS as it applies to land use planning and environmental data is extensive.  Her proven ability to accurately and clearly display complex data on small and large maps is of particular importance, especially when conveying complex technical information to clients, regulators, and the public.  Cheryl also has education and training as a field geologist and environmental scientist, which helps her summarize and present environmental information in a coherent and easy to read way.

Licenses, Certificates, and Education
  • University of California, Santa Cruz; B.S. Earth Sciences,
  • 40 Hr HAZWOPER training